Our Story - Ole Sayang Restaurant
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Our Story

“The Gift of Love”

Ole Sayang, represents the “gift of love” in the language of the Peranakan. Here, you can taste the most traditional and authentic Nyonya cuisine, which is a gift from a friendly restaurant to its guests in term of culinary point of view.

Est. 1983
~ The First Authentic Nyonya Restaurant in Melaka ~

A Family Tradition

Established in 1983, Ole Sayang Restaurant is the first authentic Nyonya restaurant in Melaka. The founder adhered to the traditional culinary skills passed down by the family, offers diners a true taste of Nyonya cuisine with a fine balance between the taste buds of locals and that of tourists. We have 5 senior passionate chefs, each with more than 15 years of cooking experience, serving a variety of local Nyonya cuisine with their own signature family recipes and practices, maintaining a strong popularity among local and tourists from all over the world.

Tuning In

In 2012, the management style of the restaurant has evolved from family management to professional management. From the procurement and storage of ingredients to the maintenance of environmental hygiene and safety, we have adopted a scientific management mechanism to successfully ensure that the restaurant has a prefect management system and an efficient operation. In addition, we does not serve pork nor use any pork-derived ingredients in our cooking, and all ingredients are supplied by Halal-certified suppliers.

Ole Sayang - Deco 1

vibrant and charming heritage

Strategically located in the heart of Melaka, Ole Sayang Restaurant has been synonymous with authentic Nyonya cuisine in Melaka. With a history spanning over 30 years, many generations of our customers, their friends and families have enjoyed our delightful meal with a touch of home-cooking. Come and have a Nyonya dining experience here, we will be certain that you will come back for more!


With distinct Peranakan décor, equipped with antiques and traditional ancestral paraphernalia, The Ole Sayang Restaurant exudes the aura of a vibrant and charming heritage. The overall theme for Ole Sayang is the harmonious fusion of modern sensibilities and Peranakan styles. Keep a look out for fascinating paintings displayed all around the restaurant! From ambience to taste, Ole Sayang Restaurant, would be one of your Nyonya restaurant of choices Melaka.